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Season Tastes The Moomin Way - Moomin Tea - 6 Flavours

Season Tastes The Moomin Way - Moomin Tea - 6 Flavours

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Why settle for one when you can have six?! Get a selection of teas and insanely adorable box to enjoy this holiday with your loved ones… or maybe just for yourself!

Fantastic wintery packaging includes a tea assortment of six yummy flavours that are perfect for cold winter days.

Content and Ingredients: 

Wonders of the World Ingredients: black tea, truffle- and chocolate flavour.
Cool Story Ingredients: black tea, baked apple flavour.
Rosy Dreams Ingredients: black tea, French vanilla- and four red berries' flavour.
Longing For Adventure Ingredients: black tea, cookie- and cream flavour.
It's Play Time Ingredients: black tea, bergamot- and orange flavour.
Magic Storm Ingredients: black tea, vanilla- and pear flavour.

Weight: 36 x 1,75 g (63 g)

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