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Moomin Valley Tea Adventure Christmas Calendar

Moomin Valley Tea Adventure Christmas Calendar

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The Hattifatteners are gone missing!

Get ready on an adventure with Hattifatteners and help them find their way back to their home island.

Along the way, you’ll find 24 delightful packages that contain deliciously flavoured tea in pyramid bags and mysterious little messages. 

The Tea Adventure Christmas Calendar brings out Tove Jansson’s early Moomin characters into life in an elegant black and white package. 

Contents and ingredients:

  1. Magic Storm 1,75 g: black tea*, corn flower petals, flavours of vanilla and pear.
  2. Upsi-Daisy! 1,5 g: white tea*, grapefruit, flavours of grapefruit, strawberry and vanilla.
  3. Fluffy Clouds 1,75 g: rooibos*, chamomile, cinnamon, flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and aloe vera.
  4. Wonderfully Splendid! 1,75 g: black tea*, turmeric, cardamon, cinnamon, natural flavour of chai.
  5. Tangy Trick 1,75 g: rooibos*, lemon peel, flavours of lemon tart and vanilla.
  6. Strike Me Pink! 1,5 g: green tea*, rose petals, flavours of cherry and vanilla.
  7. Wonders of the World 1,75 g: black tea*, orange peel, flavours of truffle and chocolate.
  8. Bless My Tail! 1,5 g: white tea*, apple, flavours of apple, pear and grenadine.
  9. I Should Know 1,75 g: black tea*, lemon peel, flavour of lemon.
  10. You'll See 1,75 g: rooibos*, sunflower petals, flavour of chocolate cake.
  11. It's Play Time! 1,75 g: black tea*, orange peel, flavours of bergamot and orange.
  12. Funny About Love 1,5 g: green tea*, corn flower petals, jasmine flower, flavour of jasmine.
  13. Me Too 1,75 g: rooibos*, strawberry, flavours of strawberry and vanilla.
  14. Longing for Adventure 1,75 g: black tea*, sunflower petals, flavours of cookie and cream.
  15. Daydreams in a Hammock 1,5 g: white tea*, raspberry leaf, lavender, natural flavour of raspberry.
  16. Go for It! 1,75 g: black tea*, cornflower petals, flavour of blueberry muffin.
  17. You are Special 1,5 g: green tea*, lemon, rose petals, flavours of strawberry, lemon and vanilla.
  18. Cool Story 1,75 g: black tea*, apple, flavour of baked apple.
  19. Happy-go-Lucky Heart 1,5 g: green tea*, ginger**, lemongrass, lemon peel, natural flavour of ginger and flavour of lemon.
  20. Sweetheart 1,75 g: black tea*, strawberry, sunflower petals, flavour of wild strawberry.
  21. Burst of Happiness 1,5 g: white tea*, cornflower petals, flavours of grapefruit and aloe vera.
  22. Rosy Dreams 1,75 g: black tea*, rose petals, flavours of French vanilla and red berries.
  23. Ready to Go 1,75 g: rooibos*, sunflower petals, flavours of banana and vanilla.
  24. Moominmamma's Magic Potion 1,75 g: black tea*, rose petals, flavours of rhubarb and strawberry.

*100 % from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

**Not suitable during pregnancy.

Weight: 40 g

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